I am:  Fiona Creed Chevalier Life-Cycle Celebrant

This I believe:  Ceremony is all about you.  I listen to you and weave your story with your beliefs and desires to create a ceremony for you, your family, and your community.  I believe in the power of taking time to make a moment special.  Whether it is to honor a being coming into the world, the transitions one goes through in life or a life that has past; it is all important.  Every life, every story deserves to be told with love and grace and joy.  Ceremony can range from large and formal to the most intimate of a single person lighting a candle.  It is that time of reflection to honor where you are in life that makes it all worthwhile.  I will help you to create the most amazing ceremony that suits your needs, by being present with you, sharing my knowledge with you, and being with you every step of the way.  

Range of Service: I serve ceremonies in Northern New England including Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and upstate New York.  Although, for the right ceremony I have traveled throughout the country.

My Story:  Years ago, a dear friend of mine was struggling with menopause.  We decided to create a ceremony to bring her into life as an elder.  This magical evening brought together women in all stages of life to celebrate where she had been and welcome her into her wise woman years.  This event was the seed that eventually changed my life.  I began offering my services to officiate weddings for friends, welcome new babies into our community, celebrate the beginning of new jobs, and honor struggle and survival.  This opportunity to serve my community was the perfect blend of my professional work as an educator and freelance facilitator with the personal desire to make meaning in our lives and honor people for who they are, where they are and their hero's journey.  I became trained through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute as a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant.  Now I have the honor of a serving a wider community of folks, in order to create personal unique ceremonies to celebrate your stories, your transitions, your lives.