Let us mark the dark and light milestones in your life together.  

We have great joys, we grieve, we go through many transitions over a lifetime.  When we enact a ritual during moments of change we have the opportunity to recognize, honor and accept where we are, where we have been and where we can go. 

These ceremonies can be for an individual, family, community, organization.  

 Your transitions in life are as unique as you are.  We would co-create a ritual to honor your experience with grace, honesty and care. The ceremony will reflect that which is important to you. Greeting a transition with a ritual may help melt anxiety away and awaken a new sense of calm. It can serve to take an exciting moment to the next level.  

Some of the Milestone Services possibilities

* Expectant Parent Blessings     * Baby Blessings         *Adoptions                *Pregnancy Loss

* Coming of Age                       *Birthdays                 * Midlife Passages       *Croning

* Graduations                           *New Job                  *Career Change          *Retirement

*Family Blending                       *Divorce                   *Foster Care 

*Surviving or facing illness         *Aging                      *Health successes

*Marking the seasons                  *combined cultural holidays     *Community traditions

*New Business                             *organization re-visioning        *Business closing

*Home Blessing                          *Community celebrations 

Fiona is awesome. We wanted a baby shower/ parent blessing that was interactive, fun, and sweet and that is exactly what she planned.
— Kelly Broadway

 Fiona Creed Chevalier                                                 Life Cycle Celebrant               603.748.1936